Keiko Shichijo plays ‘En Amor Duro’

KEIKO SHICHIJO plays ‘En Amor Duro’ by MARIA DE ALVEAR at Museum voor Moderne Kunst Arnhem.

Pianist & fortepianist Keiko Shichijo is a special voice in both the Classical and new music worlds. Her traditional Japanese sensibilities have combined with her knowledge of European historical performance practices to shape her unique vision, and this is reflected in her feeling for the music, the instruments and the story behind them.

The composer Maria de Alvear was born in Madrid (Spain) in 1960. She studied music mainly in Spain and Germany: harpischord, organ, piano, conducting and composition. Since 1998 she has regulary collaborated with her sister Ana de Alvear (visual artist), who has created photographic installations for performances of Maria de Alvear’s music.

Duur: 52 minutes.